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The Challenge


On one hand, your leaders and managers claim that they are actively engaged in conversations and are continuously communicating with their teams. Some of your leaders might have been promoted quickly, others may have been top of their technical field or hold a huge amount of organisational knowledge. 

On the other side of the equation, team members report a starkly different reality. From their perspective, they feel that they have limited access to meaningful feedback and communication from their leaders.  

Very few people know what good looks like and even fewer are implementing the right practices.

How we work

Conventional leadership development programs often revolve around heavy models and theories that can be challenging to recall and apply effectively. These programs tend to allocate minimal time to the practical application of acquired knowledge. 

At LIW, we believe in a different approach – 'doing to learn.' We use well researched, simple, easy-to-use tools to support this development. Our  philosophy centres on supporting leaders to create a habit of practising new leadership behaviours in their day to day role by experimenting with new approaches to things like giving and receiving feedback.  We focus on practising your way to great leadership instead of being perfect from the beginning.  

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Tailored Leadership Development Programs


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Front line leadership

Support your team leaders' journey with our front line leadership track. Leadership Conversations is perfect for emerging leaders and supervisors. This program focuses on foundational leadership skills like giving and receiving feedback, becoming an effective coach and creating the conditions for success. Help them discover how to engage and lead their teams effectively. 

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Leaders of leaders

 As a leader of leaders, our specialised leadership development equips your team to navigate this unique role. In the middle these leaders need to be masters of leading up and down. They will develop strategies like creating the conditions for success, storytelling, leading through influence, developing others, giving and receiving feedback and creating a coaching culture. Watch your organisation thrive. 

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Executive leader development

Executive leadership demands a unique set of skills. Our programs provide the advanced knowledge and insights necessary to steer your organisation towards success. We focus on creating clarity with the broader team, creating the conditions and culture for the successful execution of your strategy and building your leaders capability. We support your organisation to become a team of teams rather than operating in silos. You’ll be guided by highly experienced facilitators who have been working with senior leaders over time. 

Talk to us about how we can help your executive leaders.

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Accelerating team effectiveness

How do you improve the productivity, trust, and psychological safety of a team? Enable them to co-create the conditions for their success. This unique perspective is the driving force behind our team acceleration programs that help teams boost their productivity and decide how to work best to achieve the team's ideal environment and business goals. This approach is also proven to increase psychological safety, innovation, trust, and inclusivity in teams.

Work with us to accelerate your teams effectiveness.

Practise makes perfect 

Develop the leadership potential of your people

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Programs with flexibility that fit your business

Our leadership development programs are as flexible as you need them to be. Our learning design team can share our recommended starting point for a program or we can craft your leadership development experience around your team's ways of working and frameworks.

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Focus on practical leadership skills 

Forget the days of theory-heavy sessions with no real-world application. Our programs are practical. Your team will gain new skills and insights that they can use immediately to excel in their leadership roles. They are also practical in that they are designed to fit in with your teams work schedules.

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Learning while doing your everyday work.

It's not just about knowing, it's about doing. Our leadership programs help leaders change the way they work and practise their new skills in a series of learning sprint and coaching circles.  This mindset of practise removes the pressure to be perfect so people can get started. 

What They're Saying

"With LIW you look at your problems together. I utilise LIW to help my entire leadership team and eventually my broader team. An outstanding organisation that I would highly recommend." David Loy, Cisco
"I want to express my gratitude to the program team and for changing my life and empowering me with the knowledge and skills to lead and develop people for the future." Program participant
"LIW always deliver and that’s the main reason we keep going back…They give us fantastic tools and frameworks that enable us to keep focused and keep things simple in an ever-complicated and fast-paced environment." Michelle Zimany, HR Director, Sanofi
"At that moment the atmosphere changed and we went from ​7x me to 1x we – we actually became a team" Program participant


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